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Click here for a Quick List of Emergency Shelters, Transitional Housing and Community Support Programs.

Click here for a directory of Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Shelters and Transitional Housing in Western Massachusetts

Click here for Veterans Housing and Related Resources Directory for Western Massachusetts (English version).  Click here for the Spanish translation.

Click here for the Discharge Planning Guidelines to assist with discharge of homeless individuals from hospitals, correctional facilities and other institutions.

Click here for a Resources Directory for Homelessness Prevention, Diversion, Rehousing and Stabilization services in Western Massachusetts.  Please note that some programs in this guide were discontinued when stimulus funding ended.

Click here for the Western Massachusetts Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Services Directory.

Click here for the Western Massachusetts Food Bank’s comprehensive guide to services (food, housing, shelter, transportation and more).
Changes or revisions to these resources? Please contact Pamela Schwartz, Director of Regional Coordination!