Gerry McCafferty

Released: HOPWA RFP for Hampden/Hampshire/Franklin Counties; ESG RFP for Springfield

The City of Springfield has released two requests for proposals:

  1. The Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program provides funds to nonprofit agencies for homelessness prevention and housing assistance for people who are HIV positive. These funds are to serve persons in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties. The RFP seeks providers for these services for the program year July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019, with an expectation of two one-year renewals of initial contracts. The City does not expect to issue another HOPWA RFP until 2021.
  2. The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program provides funds to nonprofit agencies for homelessness prevention, rapid rehousing, and emergency shelter. The City seeks providers for these services for the program year July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. ESG funds are provided to the City of Springfield to assist people who live or work in the City.

RFPs are available at the Office of Housing, 1600 E. Columbus Ave., Springfield or in response to an email request to Applications are due by noon on March 2, 2018.

Springfield-Hampden County CoC has released its RFP for programs to include in its FY2017 CoC Competition Application

The Springfield-Hampden County CoC has released its Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking programs to include in its FY2017 CoC Competition Application.

The RFP seeks new, expansion, and renewal permanent supportive housing (PSH), Rapid Rehousing (RRH) , and Joint Transitional Housing-Rapid Rehousing (TH-RRH) programs. The program funding period begins July 1, 2018.

The RFP and information posted about the opportunity are posted on the website of the Springfield-Hampden County CoC. Please click to visit the website for more information about this opportunity.


National call for assistance: give your input about usability of your HMIS

The Durham North Carolina Continuum of Care has distributed a survey for CoC agencies across the country to provide information about the usability of their HMIS. The Durham CoC is collecting this data for use in assessing its own HMIS, but will also make the data available to any CoC who requests it.

Data collected from this survey will be useful to any CoC evaluating their current HMIS or choosing a new HMIS. I urge you to help out. Take the short survey here:

Springfield-Hampden County CoC FY2016 Application Available for Public Comment

The Springfield-Hampden County CoC has released its draft FY2016 Application for public comment. There are two parts to the application, each of which may be viewed by clicking on the link:

The public may comment on the application in writing, by sending an email to Gerry McCafferty, or in person by attending the CoC Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting will take place Friday, September 9, 2016, at UMass-Springfield, Room 004, Tower Square, 1500 Main Street, Springfield.

The Springfield-Hampden County CoC will vote to approve (or require amendments) to the application at the Annual Meeting, so written comments should be submitted prior to the meeting in order to be considered by the full CoC.

Springfield-Hampden County CoC Annual Meeting & Board of Directors Meeting

Please join us!

The Springfield-Hampden County CoC Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting will take place Friday, September 9, 9 – 11 am, at the UMass Center Springfield, located at Tower Square, 1500 Main Street, 2nd floor, Springfield.

Agenda items include:

  • Annual report
  • Vote on Board of Directors
  • Review of CoC Governance Charter
  • Vote to approve FY2016 Application

A full agenda, with all materials for review will be made available early next week.

The CoC Annual meeting is for all CoC members and is open to the public. The CoC welcomes new members. If you are interested in being a part of the CoC, please come to the Annual Meeting or contact Gerry McCafferty.

Springfield-Hampden County CoC FY16 Competition: Scoring and Ranking Results

The Springfield-Hampden County Continuum of Care Scoring and Ranking Committee met this morning and completed its review of all renewal and newly-submitted projects. As a reminder, the Committee follows the scoring and ranking guidelines set out in the CoC Application Selection and Ranking Process 2016 guidance approved by the Board of Directors at its July 15, 2016 meeting. The completed 2016 Program Scoresheet shows the scores for each project, as well as the individual item scores that add up to the total.

The projects that will be included in the FY2016 competition and the rank order and tier for each project are as follows:

  1. HMIS
  2. Catholic Charities RRH
  3. Catholic Charities RRH 2
  4. Catholic Charities RRH 3
  5. FOH Coordinated Assessment
  6. Gandara SHINE RRH
  7. HAP RRH
  8. HRU Next Step 2
  9. MHA Annie’s House
  10. VOC Scattered Site Family Support
  11. HRU Next Step
  12. Open Pantry Tranquility House
  13. RVCC HIV/AIDS Residential Support
  14. MHA S+C SRA 48
  16. MHA S+C SRA 13
  18. FOH Worthington House Campus
  19. MHA S+C Recovery
  20. FOH PSH
  21. CHD Project Performance
  22. HAP Turning Point
  23. SMOC Bowdoin Street
  24. Gandara SHINE Program

Projects 1 through 20 and part of project 21 are placed in Tier 1. The remaining projects are in Tier 2.

Hampden County: Don’t leave money on the table!

The Springfield-Hampden County CoC currently has out a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking one or more NEW projects for the FY16 competition.

The CoC is eligible for bonus funds of $182,406 plus one grantee expects to turn back $23,988, making available $206,394 annually in new funds to house homeless households.

The deadline for providers to submit an application for a NEW CoC project for the FY16 competition (with an expected start time of summer 2017) is this Friday, August 12.  In order to submit an application for a new project, providers must request that I set up an application in esnaps. As of today, NO providers have requested that a new application be set up.

 As we have seen from our work in creating a by-name list, we have many chronically homeless individuals waiting for housing–at least 60! The available dollars can pay for both housing and services for this population. While there is a 25% match requirement, this can be provided in-kind, or you can use Medicaid reimbursable dollars to provide services to this population.  I would also urge providers to contact DMH or DPH to discuss any ideas/sources they may have to use as match.

In this last week, I urge you to consider proposing a new PSH project for chronically homeless individuals. You may also apply for PSH for chronic families, or RRH for individuals, families, or youth.


Springfield-Hampden CoC RFP seeking New Project Sponsor for Existing Project

The Springfield-Hampden Continuum of Care has issued an RFP for New Project Sponsor for Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless Families. The RFP seeks a new operator for an existing project that provides permanent supportive housing to eight families who have been chronically homeless.

There will be a bidders conference on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 11 am. Applications are due August 5, 2016, at 4 pm, at the Springfield Office of Housing, 1600 E. Columbus Ave., Springfield. Please see the RFP for additional information about this funding opportunity.

[Note: this announcement is also posted at the Springfield-Hampden County CoC website. It’s being double-posted here in case not everyone has moved to that site and subscribed.]