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Pamela Schwartz, Director of Regional Coordination


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  1. Gary Kent

    I was wondering if you could help me find the statistics on the number of homeless in worcester MA. If there are statistics regarding homelessness along with substance abuse and mental illness also that would be even better. Thank you very much for any and all help.
    Gary Kent

  2. Charles Killackey

    Hello, My name is Charles and I am originally from that part of the USA ,and I am trying to find out how I would go about moving back that way and finding a nice place to live ,that excepts HUD-VASH Vouchers .I have heard that I need to find a VA that has an opening for a Veteran that is on the program.I currently hold a voucher from the West Palm Beach Florida.
    If you know what I need to do to move to a differant area could you please let me know .Thanking you in advance

  3. Nadine

    Dear Pamela,
    we are doing a project on Homelessness in Massachusetts – where can I get updated statistics regarding mentioned?


  4. Aggie

    I’m new to this blog and the “world” of social services for the homeless… is it possible to post a page on this site that unlocks all the acronyms that are used in your posts. I’m sure most people know what they are but not everyone would. It would be helpful if I could at least be able to look them up. Thanks.

  5. maryenda moran

    I have become homeless due to the trauma of the tornado in Monson, MA. I have had temporary housing in Palmer, and now in Monson. I need halp with moving my belongings. What resources are available to help with the mov3e, or help pay expenses for a move.


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