PIT 2016

PIT Count Post Image~
2016 PIT Count Results are here! The 3 County CoC has created a dashboard for the 2016 PIT Count, including local community-based counts, viewable at the CoCs Wiki. Hampden CoC is working on their final 2016 PIT report and will post it soon.
Want more info? The 3 County CoC has a data viz regarding 5-year trends.

Updates and info for the 2016 Count
2016 PIT Instructions for Sheltered Populations.
2016 PIT Guidance for Subpopulations including definitions of disabling conditions.
• View the HUD Overview for the 2016 Count.

Street Count information
2016 PIT Data Collection Form for Unsheltered Individuals

Youth Count information
Youth Outreach Tips
The Network’s Youth Homelessness Committee has put together a tip sheet for provider staff, volunteers and others who may encounter youth on the night of the 2016 count and want to solicit their participation.

HMIS Provider information
No major changes from last year except for additional information related to homeless history/ chronic homeless status. Need a refresher? Review 2016 Required HMIS Data Collection.

Partner information (for those who do not participate in HMIS)
Homeless service organizations who do not participate in the CoCs HMIS need to complete the PIT data reporting tool for 2016, in order to report their Population and Subpopulation data. The tool is available here.