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Minutes, Individual Services Committee, July 3, 2014

Present: Jerry Ray (MHA), Janice Humason (FOH), Laura Saponare (Catholic Charities), Dave Modzelewski (Network), Angel Middleton (HRU Lighthouse), Charlie Knight, Rebekah Wilder (Craig’s Doors), Dave Christopolis (Hilltown CDC, 3-County CoC), Bill Miller (FOH), Nicole King (FOH), Denise Rivera (FOH), Jo-Anne Ryan (HCH), Todd Koniezhny (HRU Lighthouse), Deb Aloisi (FOH), Delphine Ray (FOH), Rosemary Surdyka (HCH), Samantha Lambert (FOH), Claudia Phillips (HCH/Mercy), Patricia McDonnell (SMOC), and Gerry McCafferty (City of Springfield, Hampden County CoC).

In Pamela’s absence, the meeting was chaired by Gerry McCafferty. After everyone introduced themselves, Gerry reminded everyone that the agenda topic was coordinated assessment, a continuation of the conversation that the Individual Services committee has been having over several months of meetings. More specifically, the topic was the VI-SPDAT, an assessment tool that the committee has expressed interest in using for screening for permanent supportive housing. Continue reading

[DRAFT] Minutes – Hampden County CoC Board of Directors 6/20/2014

Note: All CoC Board Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes are posted on the website.  Go the the Hampden County CoC page (in the CoC Corner), scroll to GOVERNANCE, and click on ‘Agendas and Minutes of Board of Directors meetings.’

These new draft minutes (that follow) are posted there in PDF, as well as agendas and minutes from previous meetings. Continue reading

Network Funding in Conference Committee Budget!

Great news!  The Conference Committee Budget includes funding for the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness.  This investment will allow the Network to produce a regional blueprint for implementing the federal “Opening Doors Plan to End Homelessness” with outcomes measures, analysis and evaluation, ensuring we continue to implement best practices and regional (if not statewide) innovation.

Our last step is gaining the support of the Governor’s office.  Please contact the Governor to express your support for Line Item 7004-0102, which includes $125,000 in funding for the Network.

The Governor’s Office contact information can be found here (this page provides an email form to send to the Governor’s office an email).

His phone numbers are:
617-725-4005 or

Thanks to all for your continued support and for making this big step forward possible.  And huge thanks to all of our Western Mass. legislators, especially Rep. Peter Kocot and Senator Stan Rosenberg, for their extraordinary support of the Network.


Gubernatorial Forum on Affordable Housing – July 9, 2014

Please see this invitation from the Mass. Coalition for the Homeless and CHAPA:

Please join us for the Gubernatorial Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development, organized by CHAPA in collaboration with other cosponsors such as the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless. The forum will be held on July 9th, 2014 at 1 Faneuil Hall Square in Boston, from 2-4 PM

During this forum we will hear perspectives from candidates hoping to lead the state. Candidates will be asked to share their thoughts and plans for investing in safe and affordable homes in vibrant communities where households can be productive, healthy, and successful.

Space is limited, but if you are interested in attending please registerhere. For more information please contact Kelly Turley or (781) 595-7570 Ext. 17. To visit the forum’s website click here

See you on July 9th! Thank you for your continued support of housing and homelessness issues!

Kelly Turley
Director of Legislative Advocacy
781-595-7570 x17