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From the Zero 2016 Campaign: Leadership Training, Webinars, and Online Resources

Please see the message below from the Zero 2016 campaign. If you are part of Zero 2016 work in Hampden County and are interested in attending the Leadership Academy, please send an email to Gerry McCafferty.  Also see the notice below on upcoming webinars related to ending veteran homelessness, and online Landlord Initiative Resources.

As we’ve seen time after time through both the 100,000 Homes Campaign and Zero: 2016, it takes a team of dedicated individuals, willing to do whatever it takes, to change the status quo and create a system built for zero. The core of this team, the beating heart and soul, is a strong leader, boldly spearheading the charge, supporting the team and fearlessly leading the way through struggles, doubt and uncertainty with an unwavering commitment to reach the goal.

In an effort to support this type of leadership in each of the Zero: 2016 communities across the country, Zero: 2016 is sponsoring one leader from each community to join us in West Virginia from October 20-23 for the OrgCode Leadership Academy. This gathering will be an opportunity to share, learn, grow, network, and strengthen our community of leaders committed to our shared mission of ending homelessness.

In an effort to support this type of leadership in each of the Zero: 2016 communities across the country, Zero: 2016 is sponsoring one leader from each community to join us in West Virginia from October 20-23 for the OrgCode Leadership Academy. This gathering will be an opportunity to share, learn, grow, network, and strengthen our community of leaders committed to our shared mission of ending homelessness.

We’re also inviting all participants from Zero: 2016 communities to stick around for an extra day to join us for the Zero: 2016 Strategic Planning Session on Friday, October 23. We’ll be focusing on leveraging learnings from the Leadership Academy to accelerate the progress and impact of the movement and to begin shaping our strategy into 2016.


Webinars to Support You in Ending Veteran Homelessness As part of our effort to support each of you in ending homelessness among veterans, Zero: 2016 is offering three webinars to highlight community bright spots and offer concrete tools and tips to help replicate efforts that have proven successful. Details for these trainings are below, and calendar invites will be sent out soon. We hope you’ll join us!

By-Name List: Recommendations for Practice Tuesday, October 13: 3pm EST/12pm PST A By-Name List is a critical tool to reach functional zero and understand who in your community is experiencing homelessness at any given time. A strong By-Name List can be used to plan estimations of future rates of homelessness, including inflow and refining performance targets. Please join us to learn what’s working in Zero: 2016 communities, including effective outreach strategies, case conferencing, maintaining an updated list, tracking outcomes and measuring process effectiveness. Join the Webinar Here Event Password: zero2016

Landlord Engagement: Recruitment by Mayors Wednesday, October 14: 3pm EST/12pm PST In July, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sent a letter to landlords requesting urgent assistance in placing veterans in their units. About 150 landlords responded, resulting in hundreds of new units for veterans experiencing homelessness. Learn about the Chicago experience as well as lessons learned by other communities in which Mayors have engaged in landlord recruitment efforts. Join the Webinar Here Event Password: zero2016

Leadership Structure Friday, October 16: 12pm EST/9am PST Leadership is critical in developing a sense of urgency to end homelessness locally, providing timely and strategic decision-making and bringing key stakeholders to the table to achieve a common goal. This webinar is focused on structures that drive strategies and create urgency to accelerate housing placement outcomes and reach shared community goals. Join the Webinar Here Event Password: zero2016


Tip of the Week: Zero: 2016 Landlord Initiative Resources! One of the most common and pressing challenges for communities trying to get to zero is finding a landlord willing to rent to homeless families and individuals. As a result, Zero: 2016 and 25 Cities launched a Landlord Initiative to assist communities in recruiting, engaging and celebrating landlords who are willing to commit units to help end veteran homelessness. The Landlord Initiative includes:

  1. A Series of webinars focusing on effective practices – (1) Building local infrastructure; (2) Sharing effective outreach strategies for Mayor-led events and outreach to small, medium, and large property management companies, and (3) Sharing effective outreach strategies with outreach to rental associations, faith, and civic communities
  2. A national landing page, hosted by Zillow, where landlords can be connected with local coordinators in their community
  3. An online Community Toolkit with resources and community examples

Learn more about the Landlord Initiative and how it can make an impact in your community here, in the fourth part of our “What Why Why” series, created by our partners at CSH.

Individual Services Committee Minutes – 9/3/15

Individual Services Committee Meeting Minutes
September 3, 2015

 In attendance: Steve Connor, Veterans Services, Courtnee Godbolt, Friends of the Homeless, Heidi Gold, Simtech Solutions, Janice Humason, Friends of the Homeless, Nichole King, Friends of the Homeless, Jay Levy, Eliot CHS-Homeless Services, Gerry McCafferty, City of Springfield, Katie Miernecki, ServiceNet, Bill Miller, Friends of the Homeless, David Modzelewski, Network, Donna Nadeau, DHCD, Lizzy Ortiz, City of Springfield, Luz Ortiz, Friends of the Homeless, Claudia Phillips, Health Care for the Homeless, Anna Quan, Amherst Community Connections, Denise Rivera, Friends of the Homeless, Rachel Weiss, Craig’s Doors, Sabrina Willard, Springfield Partners for Community Action, Delphine Wray, Friends of the Homeless

Zero 2016 Campaign Update:

Gerry distributed a hand-out on the progress in housing chronically homeless in Hampden County (click here). We are exceeding our goals every month, i.e., we are housing more than necessary each month to end homelessness by the end of 2016 (on track to end it by 2/16).

A recent review of data showed that there were a total of 52 chronically homeless individuals over the course of the 2014-2015 fiscal year. Of those 52, 13 were housed and a number have left the area (not seen since 2014). The total number for the year is is a substantial decrease from previous years where there were over 100 CH individuals recorded.   Congratulations to all on such progress.

Reflecting on how the progress was made: it began with the 10 year plan to end homelessness where a goal was established for the number of units needed to meet the demand and that target was met. The chronic homelessness programs at Friends of the Homeless and Springfield Housing Authority have made a huge contribution. Both programs have a lot of turnover, i.e., people moving on to permanent housing which creates new openings for new people. This turnover is a key factor. Additionally, Mental Health Association’s focus on the street population and working with the hardest to serve people has made a big impact. Also, additions to the housing stock – each year, there have been new programs (e.g., HRU, Annie’s House) that build the number of units available. Finally, great collaboration across the region!

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Zero 2016 Progress Report for Springfield/Hampden County: June 2015

As part of the Zero 2016 campaign, we are tracking our monthly progress toward housing homeless veterans and chronically homeless individuals. The progress is tracked against goals that we set that we need to meet to be on track to end veteran homelessness by the end of 2015 and chronic homelessness by the end of 2016.  [Actually, we are shooting for functional zero by those dates.] Thanks to Community Solutions for the great dashboards that help us track our progress!


Fourteen veterans were housed in June–exceeding our monthly goal of 9.  Great job, everyone! We are behind on our annual goal because of fewer housing placements in earlier months, but we’re improving and making up for the earlier low numbers.

Veteran Dashboard June 2015


The CoC has been consistently exceeding our monthly goal for chronically homeless individuals, and did so again in June, with six more people housed. Projections show that we will reach our goal for functional zero for chronically homeless early–in May 2016.

Zero 106 Dashboard Chronic, June 2015

Webinar Invite: Landlord Recruitment/Engagement – Best Practices [Zero 2016]

As part of Zero 2016, Community Solutions is offering a webinar series on best practices for recruiting and engaging landlords. With our widespread use of rapid rehousing and tenant-based permanenent supportive housing models, we need to be sure that we are engaging and supporting our landlord partners. The webinars will present best practices from communities with successful models.

Please feel free to join one or more of the calls:

Module 1: Building Local Infrastructure (a.k.a. Building the Runway)

Module 2: Sharing Effective Outreach Strategies 1 (Mayor-Led Events, Outreach to Large, Medium, Small Companies)

Module 3: Sharing Effective Outreach Strategies 2 (Outreach to Apartment Rental Associations, Faith Communities, Civic Organizations, Real Estate Agents, Working with a local PHA)


  • Phone Number: 646-661-2933
  • Meeting Room Code: 1413051
  • Participant Access Code provided in a pop-up window when you enter the virtual room