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FY2014 COC Competition

As posted earlier, the FY2014 CoC NOFA is out.  I’ve put together a quick summary of this year’s competition. I expect that both local CoCs will have further guidance out soon.

Due Dates

The CoC application must be submitted to HUD on or before October 30, 2014.  CoCs must notify project applicants by October 20, 2014 if they will be included in the application to HUD, so local funding competitions must close by that date. The deadlines dictate a rapid local competition–project applicants will need to submit proposals quickly.  It is critical that any provider considering a new project begin planning immediately.

Availability of Bonus Permanent Supportive Housing Project 

HUD will award approximately $40 million for new permanent supportive housing projects which will exclusively serve chronically homeless individuals or families. Based on the NOFA the Hampden County CoC is eligible for a bonus of at least $375,675, and possibly more, (There’s some confusing language in the NOFA; I’ve already requested clarification from HUD.) I don’t know the potential bonus for the Three-County CoC.

The following requirements apply to bonus projects:

  • Must provide scattered site leasing or tenant-based rental assistance, or, if there is existing site control and the ability for occupancy within six months of award, operating costs or project-based rental assistance.
  • Must request no less than 70% of total program funding for leasing, rental assistance or operating costs, and no more than 30% of the program funds for supportive services.
  • Must demonstrate plan for rapid implementation, including ability to have first program participant housed within 6 months of grant award.
  • Must agree to participate in the CoC’s coordinated assessment system, which must be implemented prior to execution of program grant award.

Scoring for bonus projects will be based on CoC need (based on a HUD-calculated need score and worth up to 60 points) and project quality (worth up to 40 points).  The Hampden County CoC’s HUD-calculated need score is 60; the Three County CoC’s HUD-calculated need score is 15.  Project quality scores are based on 5 factors: 1) Prioritizing Highest Need; 2) Using a Housing First model; 3) Demonstrated leveraging of mainstream services, especially Medicaid; 4) Leveraging of other resources (full points awarded for leveraging at least 200% of HUD award in cash and in-kind commitments); and 5) CoC Score from FY13-14 CoC application (which have been calculated but are not yet released).

Renewal and Reallocated Projects

HUD has calculated that it has sufficient resources to fully fund all renewal projects.  However, HUD will continue its tiered process for selecting projects.  Tier 1 will be the full renewal amount, minus 2%.  Tier 2 will be the rest of the full renewal amount.  The tiering process will mean that CoCs will again rank all renewal and reallocated projects, and will need to determine a process for  Tier 1 to come in with a reduction of 2% (for the Hampden County CoC this is a reduction of $50,090.)

With the exception of the Permanent Supportive Housing Bonus, the only projects that may seek funding are renewals, new reallocated projects, and CoC planning costs. (Neither Western Mass CoC is eligible for UFA costs, the other allowable category.) New reallocated projects are made available from renewal projects that are reduced or eliminated, and the only projects eligible as reallocated projects are new permanent supportive housing projects where all units will be dedicated for use by chronically homeless and new rapid rehousing projects homeless families coming from the streets or shelter.

Hampden County CoC 2013 Competition opens for New and Renewal Projects

The Hampden County Continuum of Care has posted its Request for Proposals for new and renewal applicants.  Applications are due January 3, 2014 to the Office of Housing, 1600 E. Columbus Ave., Springfield.

To access the application, you must register.  Registration provides contact information so that you can be contacted if there are any additions or changes to the RFP.  Please visit the CoC Application Registration Page to register and download the RFP.  When you register, you will also be sent a Word version of the application forms so that you can complete them electronically.

The Hampden County CoC is seeking the best programs that are effective in ending homelessness.  Therefore, renewal and new projects will compete against each other equally.  Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals for new projects that provide permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals or families, or rapid rehousing for families.

Hampden County CoC 2013 Application Selection and Ranking Process

The Hampden County CoC Application Committee has released guidance for the CoC Application Ranking and Selection Process 2013.

The guidance is critical information for all applicants seeking renewal or new funding in the 2013 CoC Competition.  Most importantly, the guidance provides the scoring rubric that will be used to evaluate and rank applicant projects.

In particular, renewal applicants are urged to review the scoring rubric, as it may lead to reconsideration of existing program types, target populations, or budgets.

The CoC will release the Request for Proposal (RFP) for renewal and new applications no later than noon tomorrow, December 12, 2013.  (The announcement will be posted here and on the website of the City of Springfield Office of Housing).  A bidders conference will be held on Decemeber 19, 2013, 9 am, where applicants may ask questions about the RFP and the scoring rubric.  All new and renewal applications are due January 3, 2014.

Three County CoC HUD NOFA Announcement

From Dave Christopolis, Three County CoC Coordinator:

Hello CoC providers and homeless advocates,

HUD has released its 2013 Notice of Funding Announcement which sets forth the process required to submit grant proposals to fund eligible activities/programs under the Continuum of Care competition. The CoC through Hilltown CDC the Collaborative Applicant must submit a request for funding by February 3, 2014.   There is a potential 5% cut to our Annual Renewal Demand depending on how we score in our application and how much funding HUD has available to allocate.  As a result, HUD requires us to evaluate and rank our programs with the lowest ranking programs being the most at risk to lose funding should there not be enough funds to fully fund all renewals requests.

There are significant changes in this year’s CoC NOFA. There will be more information to follow for existing providers and providers interested in applying for funds. Continue reading