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Q & As about the Hampden County CoC FY2014 Funding Competition

New content has been posted on the Hampden County  FY2014 Continuum of Care Funding Competition page. Click to see Notes from the October 1, 2014 Bidders’ Conference.

A second Bidders’ Conference will be held October 3, 2014 10 am at the Springfield Office of Housing, 1600 E. Columbus Ave., Springfield.  Questions may also be submitted in writing to until 4:30 p.m. on October 9, 2014.


SECOND NEW FUNDING OPPORTUNITY! Hampden County Continuum of Care

Last week, the Hampden County CoC opened a funding competition seeking proposals for a single project, with a budget of up to $530,189, to provide permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals or families.

Today, the CoC is opening a second competition, which seeks new projects in two categories:

  1. Permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals or families; or
  2. Rapid rehousing for homeless families with children.

In this competition, new projects and renewal projects will compete to be included in the application that the CoC submits to HUD.  While the CoC had originally decided to only allow renewal applicants this year, an existing renewal has dropped out, which means that the CoC will not be able to apply for its full grant unless it identifies new project(s) to include in the application.  The CoC’s general application has scored very high, so it is expected that the CoC will receive funding for submitted projects.  New projects should expect a start date in spring 2015.

Due to HUD timeframes, the competition period is very short: applications are due October 14, 2014, by 4:00 p.m.

There are now two scheduled bidders’ conferences (both optional):

  • Wed., Oct. 1, 2014, 10 am
  • Fri., Oct. 3, 2014, 10 am

Both will be held at the City of Springfield Office of Housing, 1600 E. Columbus Ave., Springfield.

All information related to the competitions is posted on the FY2014 CoC Competition page, which is updated regularly.

3 County CoC Competition Applicant Guidance

The 3-County Continuum has released its CoC 2014 applicant guidance, with important information for renewal and reallocation projects, as well as announcement of a competition for $241,296 in Permanent Supportive Housing Bonus funds for projects that will serve chronically homeless individuals or families.

All existing 3-County CoC grantees, and any organizations interested in creating new programs that provide permanent supportive housing should review the guidance.  The deadline for the 3- County competition is Friday, October 17, 2014.


NEW! Funding Opportunity for Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless Individuals or Families

The Hampden County Continuum of Care is seeking one permanent supportive housing project to include in its FY2014 funding application to HUD.  Based on already-released need scoring, the CoC is very likely to be awarded funds for the selected project. The CoC has released the FY2014 Request for Proposals to Provide Permanent Supportive Housing to Chronically Homeless Individuals or Families.

The amount of available funds is $530,189, which may be used for a grant term of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. Seventy percent of funds must be used for housing costs–rental assistance, leasing, or operating costs.  Up to 30% of funds may be used for supportive services provided to assist participants to maintain housing stability.  There is a required 25% match, which may be cash or in-kind. There is an expectation that a successful applicant will leverage considerable community resources  to support program participants, including Medicaid-funded resources. The CoC will give prefernce to scattered -site Housing First models operating throughout Hampden County.

The deadline to apply for funds is October 14, 2014, 4:00 p.m.  The RFP provides detailed information about this opportunity, and a bidder’s conference will take place Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 10 am at the Springfield Office of Housing, 1600 E. Columbus Ave., Springfield.