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Zero 2016 Progress Report for Springfield/Hampden County: June 2015

As part of the Zero 2016 campaign, we are tracking our monthly progress toward housing homeless veterans and chronically homeless individuals. The progress is tracked against goals that we set that we need to meet to be on track to end veteran homelessness by the end of 2015 and chronic homelessness by the end of 2016.  [Actually, we are shooting for functional zero by those dates.] Thanks to Community Solutions for the great dashboards that help us track our progress!


Fourteen veterans were housed in June–exceeding our monthly goal of 9.  Great job, everyone! We are behind on our annual goal because of fewer housing placements in earlier months, but we’re improving and making up for the earlier low numbers.

Veteran Dashboard June 2015


The CoC has been consistently exceeding our monthly goal for chronically homeless individuals, and did so again in June, with six more people housed. Projections show that we will reach our goal for functional zero for chronically homeless early–in May 2016.

Zero 106 Dashboard Chronic, June 2015

Meeting Notice: Springfield/Hamden County CoC Performance and Outcomes Committee

The Springfield/Hampden County CoC Performance and Outcome Committee will meet this Thursday, July 23, at 10 am at the Springfield Office of Housing, 1600 E. Columbus Ave., Springfield. The meeting is open to anyone interested in serving on the committee.

The Committee is responsible for establishing performance targets for Continuum of Care and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) programs, monitoring performance of these programs, and evaluating outcomes. Performance outcomes are used in making decisions about continued funding for CoC and ESG projects. Measurement, goal-setting and evaluation are critical tasks for CoCs under the HEARTH Act.

The agenda for Thurdays’ meeting is:

  • Review initial draft of performance report for CoC and ESG programs for FY14
  • Review/update the measures chosen for program evaluation
  • Update performance measurement goals


Veteran Outreach in Springfield – monthly drop-ins, last Wed. of the month

Data in Springfield/Hampden County shows that a number of our long-term homeless veterans  access shelter only sporadically and are not seeking out services. A peer-to-peer outreach worker is looking to find these veterans and start conversations with them. Towards that end, he is holding monthly veteran drop-in meetings. The meetings take place at Friends of the Homeless right after breakfast (which is open to the public), on the last Wednesday of the month.

Please help get word out to homeless veterans by posting and handing out this flyer, which has all the details.

Zip code of last permanent address

Local Ties and the Point in Time Count

Where were people living on the night of the 2015 Point in Time Count? Where did they live prior to entering shelter? The 3 County CoC has prepared hyperlocal reports and an interactive viz that takes a look at both. Plus, both Western MA CoCs have updated their Point in Time Count reports and their Housing Inventory Chart reports, available for download on the PIT 2015 page.