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Webinar Invite: Landlord Recruitment/Engagement – Best Practices [Zero 2016]

As part of Zero 2016, Community Solutions is offering a webinar series on best practices for recruiting and engaging landlords. With our widespread use of rapid rehousing and tenant-based permanenent supportive housing models, we need to be sure that we are engaging and supporting our landlord partners. The webinars will present best practices from communities with successful models.

Please feel free to join one or more of the calls:

Module 1: Building Local Infrastructure (a.k.a. Building the Runway)

Module 2: Sharing Effective Outreach Strategies 1 (Mayor-Led Events, Outreach to Large, Medium, Small Companies)

Module 3: Sharing Effective Outreach Strategies 2 (Outreach to Apartment Rental Associations, Faith Communities, Civic Organizations, Real Estate Agents, Working with a local PHA)


  • Phone Number: 646-661-2933
  • Meeting Room Code: 1413051
  • Participant Access Code provided in a pop-up window when you enter the virtual room

The Massachusetts Pay-for-Success Chronic Homelessness Initiative

Joe Finn and Michael Durkin write in Commonwealth Magazine about the Massachusetts innovative pay-for-success model:

Now, it is time to begin housing the homeless in Boston and across the state–for good. The goal of the new pay for success initiative launched last month by the Commonwealth is to place nearly half of the state’s chronically homeless population in supportive housing. There are an estimated 1,590 chronically homeless individuals in Massachusetts. That means if the effort is successful, up to 800 of these chronically homeless individuals will be placed in supportive housing.


Long-term homeless persons with histories of cycling in and out of emergency and acute care are best served by being housed. This approach ends their homelessness and their reliance on emergency resources, ultimately serving as a more cost-effective and efficient approach to creating change that lasts.

Click to read the full article: Dealing with Chronic Homelessness: Pay for Success Approach Show Promise.

July 9 Webinar: Housing First for People Experiencing Serious Mental Illness and Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Disorders

SAMHSA is presenting a webinar July 9, 2015, 3-4:30 pm on the topic of Housing First for People Experiencing Serious Mental Illness and Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Disorders. The webinar will provide practical information, sharing real life experience in implementation, and sharing tips and strategies for putting theory into practice. Presenters are Sam Tsemberis, of NY’s Pathways to Housing, and Daniel Malone of Seattle’s DESC.

Click here to reserve your webinar seat now

Just Released: Western MA Opening Doors Plan to End Homelessness

The Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness is proud and pleased to present Western Massachusetts Opening Doors: A Collective Impact Framework to Prevent and End Homelessness.

This Plan is a product of extraordinary collaboration among dozens of Network partners, in conjunction with Simtech Solutions and Waypoint Consulting, and was made possible by the Commonwealth’s support.

As summarized in the Plan:

Rare, brief and non-recurring.   That is what homelessness must be if we are to declare ourselves successful in responding to it.   This Plan offers us a path to get there.

Western Massachusetts Opening Doors establishes a framework for the region to rigorously evaluate our ability to provide right interventions at the right time, and to continuously improve the ways we provide services and housing to people in need. The Plan defines where we are according to baseline data, where we want to go as defined through benchmarks and targets, and how we will get there using a data driven, outcome-oriented approach that employs best practices and establishes accountability.

Please click here to read more.

We look forward to continuing down this path together.  Thank you for joining us!