Today’s ACTION STEPS on Senate Budget Amendments

There is still time for our Western MA Senate delegation to sign on as co-sponsors to budget amendments that reflect the Network’s budget priorities.  Please contact your senator today (and if it is Senator Rosenberg, it is still very useful to hear your support).
You can find your State Senator’s contact information by going to or by calling the State House switchboard: 617-722-2000.
A summary of our priorities and related amendments follows (the hyperlinks, which include all current co-sponsors,  are courtesy of Mass. Coalition for the Homeless):
  • Secure Jobs funding increase, Amendment #832 – Lead Sponsor Senator Barrett, with co-sponsors Senators Eldridge, Gobi, Rodrigues, Brownsberger and Moore (would increase Secure Jobs funding to $2 million)
  • HomeBASE expansion and renewal, Amendment #426 – Lead Sponsor Senator Chang-Diaz (would eliminate cap on HomeBASE resource available to families in domestic violence and substance abuse programs; would make HomeBASE renewable after 12 month period if certain conditions met)
  • Tenancy Preservation Project#609 Lead Sponsor Senator Brady with co-sponsor Senator L’Italien  (would increase funding to $975,000)
  • Western MA Network to End Homelessness earmark, Amendment #592– Lead Sponsor Senator Humason, with co-sponsors Senator Downing, Senator Lesser (would fund the Network at $125,000)

Thank you for your advocacy!

Senate Ways and Means FY17 Budget and Amendment Summaries

Please see below for budget analyses and amendment summaries pertaining to the Fiscal Year 2017 Senate Ways and Means Budget, just released this week:

Homes for Families click here

Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless click here

CHAPA’s full analysis click here or go here for their amendment list

Mass Law Reform Institute click here

The Mass Budget and Policy Center provides a complete budget analysis here

Thank you to our statewide partners for this great work!

Action Alert for TODAY for FY17 Senate Budget Amendments

On Tuesday, May 17, the Senate Ways and Means (SWM) Committee released its FY17 state budget.    Click here for a breakdown of how the Network’s FY17 budget priorities fared in the Senate Ways and Means proposal.

Per the Network’s top priorities (click here to review), the Network is focused on seeking Senate co-sponsors for two amendments (the deadline for filing amendments – and determining co-sponsorship – is TODAY (Thurs., 5/19) at 5 pm.).  Please contact your senator to request their co-sponsorship of:

  1.  Senator Michael Barrett’s amendment to Secure Jobs (line item 7004-9322) to fund Secure Jobs at $2 million (currently funded at $750,000 in SWM budget)Contact Rose Hunter, Senator Barrett’s chief of staff, at 617-722-1572 or to co-sponsor.
  2. Senator Linda Dorcena Forry’s amendment to increase funding to individual emergency shelters (line item 7004-0102) by $5.5 million (the SWM budget offers no additional funding).  Contact 617-722-1150 or

If your Senator is Senate President Rosenberg, while he does not co-sponsor amendments, his support is vital.  Please contact him to express your request of his support on these items.

To confirm your Senator and his/her contact information, please go to:

Thanks for your advocacy!


Housing Speak-Out: June 13, 11 am, Springfield

Stavros is hosting a Housing Speak-Out on Monday, June 13, 11 am – 12:30 pm, 227 Berkshire Avenue, Springfield. Click here.

Within Massachusetts many individuals face barriers to housing. Stavros is asking community members, housing advocates, those currently seeking housing, and cross-sector agencies to come together and discuss their concerns with housing. This event strives to meet the following objectives:

-Allow individuals from cross-disability, and diversified backgrounds to come together to discuss issues within housing

-Allow individuals seeking housing and those struggling with their housing placements to come together and share their housing stories.

-Participate in group activity that describes your ideal housing placement. How does it promote healthy living and community integration?

We hope you will join us! Light refreshments will be served!