751 homeless families in motels in Massachusetts

Today the Boston Globe reported that the number of homeless families in motels has reached 751–a new high.  The story describes what it’s like for the families, notes that a monthlong stay costs the state an average of $2,550, and reports that family stays in shelter are getting longer.

The new state and federal assistance focused on prevention, diversion and rapid rehousing cannot get started fast enough!

2 thoughts on “751 homeless families in motels in Massachusetts

  1. Tom Salter

    Motel number Statewide as of 6/24/09 was at 802 families with 172 families here across W. Spfld, Spfld, Westfield, Chicopee and Holyoke

  2. Charlie Knight

    Well what’s the fuss?
    If they reduce rental vouchers, as is the plan, the cost to stay in shelters would be 3,000 a month per adult.

    I don’t think people are looking at the way things are now.

    Rapid Rehouse is the way to go. Every week a family is in a shelter or Motel is a week to long.

    Rental rates also need to reflect the availability of income.
    If the Landlord loses the tenant because they can no longer afford the high rent when things were “booming”, does he/she think that in a depressed economy they will do better? Then figure in the costs for a unit being vacant for 1, 2, 3 months? Nope, better to reduce the rent temporarily and keep your tenant and let them “pay off” that reduced rent in extra jobs around the property that you would have had to pay others to do anyway.

    I would like to see more people comming to the table to find solutions instead of just suggesting what is wrong. The very fact that family homelessness is rising shows that we have troubles in our economy and we all need to learn how to share and work together.


    Almost all meetings on this blog are open for anyone to attend and see what is being done. Come add your voice, what you think needs to be done might just be the solution we are looking for!

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