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PlanThe Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness is proud and pleased to present Western Massachusetts Opening Doors: A Collective Impact Framework to Prevent and End HomelessnessThis Plan is a product of collaboration among dozens of Network partners, in conjunction with Simtech Solutions and Waypoints Consulting, and was made possible by the Commonwealth’s support.

As summarized in the Plan:Rare Brief One-Time

Rare, brief and non-recurring.   That is what homelessness must be if we are to declare ourselves successful in responding to it.   This Plan offers us a path to get there.

Western Massachusetts Opening Doors establishes a framework for the region to rigorously evaluate our ability to provide right interventions at the right time, and to continuously improve the ways we provide services and housing to people in need. The Plan defines where we are according to baseline data, where we want to go as defined through benchmarks and targets, and how we will get there using a data driven, outcome-oriented approach that employs best practices and establishes accountability.

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The purposes of the Network:

1) To implement, through an open and inclusive process that values the diversity of our community, a regional system that strives to end family and individual homelessness through the provision of adequate housing and support services; through prevention, diversion and rapid rehousing strategies; and through stabilization of at-risk households.

2) To gain and maintain institutional, community and government support for systemic approaches that are evidence-based and directed toward reducing and ending homelessness.

3) To use data and performance measurement tools to evaluate and improve our regional responses to homelessness.

4) To seek out and be responsive to guidance from people who are at-risk of, are experiencing, or have experienced homelessness.

5) To mobilize new partners in our mission to end family and individual homelessness.

We welcome your feedback! Please contact Pamela Schwartz, Director of Regional Coordination, with comments, questions, suggestions or updates.

The Network creates collaborative solutions to end homelessness through a housing first approach that prioritizes prevention, rapid re-housing and housing stabilization.